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Mirza Noor Ali

Sound Composer

Mirza is a prolific music composer and a fine sound and audio recording engineer. While fluent with established musical techniques, his greatest talent lies in discovering new ways to create dramatic energy in his compositions. A truly unique artist Mirza Noor Ali looks beyond his background in western piano and romantic realms by integrating contemporary sounds and his extraordinary skills to mix and master a song with an professional approach to deliver the best output to his clients.

Mirza Noor Ali had a keen desire to learn music so he started learning music under Syed Sajjad Rasul on 2007 and did well in learning western piano and soon he started assisting Syed Sajjad Rasul to prepare young talents for trinity exams.

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Brothers Recording Studio
Brothers recording studio

Brothers recording studio was started on 2016 after a long wait of with a desperate desire to work professionally with all kind of audio such as advertisement jingles, commercial background audios, movie background score, real compositions ,etc.

Today Brothers recording studio is a well known studio and is working with several Youtube channels and private projects. And also growing in several more areas such as Gujrati, Bangoli and Assameese.

Mirza Noor


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